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      Team Liberty Benefits is one of the pioneers in the field of Consumer Driven Health Plans. TLB is entering its second decade offering Prescription savings - second to none, Dental, Vision, Chiropractic and Hearing savings, Legal, Identity Theft and Financial Planning savings.

      TLB'S unique Reduced-Fee-For-Service plans allow our members the volume group rates that generally only major insurance companies offer their approved policy holders. TLB members are: any company's full or part time employees, members of unions, associations, churches, community organizations, the self employed, uninsured, underinsured, uninsurable, and individuals with existing health conditions as well as their friends and families.

      As a TLB member, there is never an age restriction and there is no paperwork. Our services and nationally negotiated prices are available to anyone actively registered.

      As a point of interest, Team Liberty Benefits hasn't increased the monthly fees to existing members in the 12 years we've been in business.



Liberty Plans

Prescription Plan

$30.00 Month

  • Local Pharmacy - Average 42% Savings
  • Includes 98% of Pharmacies Nationwide
  • Home Delivery - Average 70% Savings
  • Pet Meds & Diabetic Supplies
  • Large Dental Network and SAVE 15%-50%
  • The Most US Recognized Vision Plan SAVING 10%-60%
  • Chiropractic Services that SAVE you 30%-50%
  • Hearing Aids SAVE you 15%-60%
  • Identity Theft Protection for your Famliy
  • Discount on Attorney Services
  • Free Will and NO Charge for Consultations
  • Tax & Financial advice helps plan your future
*DVCH not available in KS, UT, VT or WA.

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New Benefits, Ltd. does NOT serve as the licensed Discount Medical Plan Organization for the Prescription Plan and the Legal and Identity Theft Plan. The products and services offered in these plans are not from New Benefits.
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