DVCH - Testimonials

My husband just got back from the dentist we are using through Liberty and it is saving us almost 50% on a tooth extraction!!!! This is the first time either of us have used the card, and I am amazed at how much it is saving us.

Beth; Secretary in Indiana

I went to the dentist twice in June; the first visit was for a general cleaning and x-rays. The second was for five fillings. I’m delighted to say that my Team Liberty membership saved me a total of $615 on those two visits! This alone has more than covered my membership fees for the entire year. Thank you for providing such a valuable service.

Craig in New York

I will gladly show my receipt to anyone one where I purchased new glasses and saved $132.98 with the Liberty plan. That was a 35% discount.

Michael; Student in Florida

A quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the vision benefits. We saved a total of $338 on lenses, frames, and exams. The best part was the money savings, but not to be overlooked was the fact that we were treated pleasantly and our business was appreciated. We look forward to using the plan again.

Jim; Retired Teacher in Arizona

New Benefits, Ltd. does NOT serve as the licensed Discount Medical Plan Organization for the Prescription Plan and Protector Plan. The products and services offered in these plans are not from New Benefits.

DVCH, Med and Silver 50 Plus Plans are not available to KS, SD, UT, VT, or WA residents. Hospital benefit not available to MD or WV residents.