Prescription Plan - FAQ

The card is accepted at over 98% of US Pharmacies located throughout the United States. The network includes pharmacy chains as well as thousands of independent pharmacies throughout the country. Pharmacy location information can be obtained by contacting our customer service department. If a neighborhood pharmacy is not already participating in our network, please have them call us. We will send them information about how they can participate in the network so that you can take advantage of the savings as soon as possible.

Home Delivery is an ideal way to realize even greater savings on your medications. Information on how to order is included in your membership materials. Live customer service via a toll free number is available to assist you.

You can price your prescriptions online, at this website, and know what your price is before you buy it.

Take the Doctor’s Prescribing Guide, included in your Membership Packet, to your doctor’s appointment. It includes 4 Tiers of pricing, ranging from up to $10.00 for drugs listed in Tier 1, up to $20.00 for brand name and select generic drugs listed in Tier 2, up to $50.00 for brand name and select generic drugs listed in Tier 3 and members will pay the network contracted price that has been negotiated for drugs in Tier 4. It will be helpful to your doctor in selecting your medications at the lowest pricing. There is no guaranteed percentage savings on every prescription purchase. The price paid depends upon the pharmacy and the type and quantity of drug purchased. Pharmacies, just like other retail stores, compete against each other and may have special prices on some products. When this is the case, we cannot discount the pharmacy’s already low price, but a member will receive the advantage of the pharmacy’s special pricing. THE MEMBER ALWAYS RECEIVES THE LOWER OF THE CONTRACT PRICE OR THE PHARMACY’S PRICE.

For drugs taken for 90 days or longer, the Home Delivery service generally offers the greatest savings. You can see these prices online at this website, or call the Home Delivery Customer Service toll free number for assistance.

Always present your Liberty Rx Card with the insurance card and ask the pharmacist to show you the drug cost for each card. If your prescribed drug is not on the insurance company’s formulary, your co-pay goes away and Liberty saves the day. If you have co-pays, sometimes the co-pay is more than Liberty’s price. If you can buy your prescriptions for 90 days rather than 30, check your co-pays (X3) against the home delivery pricing online. Some insurance plans won’t cover 90 day prescriptions, Liberty saves you significant money on 90 day prescriptions. Check it out.

In 2015, our members saved up to 85% on their maintenance drugs through Liberty MailMeds Home Delivery service. If you cannot find your drugs on the website online drug search, please call your friendly Liberty MailMeds representative toll free for assistance. You can also save an average of 40.2% with the LibertyRx card at your local network Pharmacy! IMPORTANT: (When checking website online pharmacy drug search pricing, be sure to scroll down and compare each pharmacy listed in your zip code for the best drug price). There are over 30,000 drugs listed on the Liberty MailMeds search site, and over 52,000 on the walk in pharmacy search site. This can be confusing, so when you have questions, please call Liberty Benefits customer support toll free for assistance.