Prescription Plan - Testimonials

The LibertyRx plan has been a god-send to me! I have heart disease, and have had 2 by-pass surgeries in the past 15 years. As a result, I take a dozen or so different medicines to keep my condition stable. I had been paying $1285 a month through a Medicare D plan, but when my neighbor told me about LibertyRx I asked for more information, and signed up right away! My monthly out-go for my prescriptions went from $1,285 to $281! If I hadn’t seen it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it! This is the best kept secret in America! Thank you LibertyRx!

T.H., Retired in Florida

My Drug Comparison Chart (3 Month Supply)

My Drug List Doses Days Med D Plan Cost LibertyRx Plan Cost Savings
Calcium 600MG 90 $21 $11 $10
Crestor 40 MG 90 $335 $156 $179
Zetia 10 MG 90 $297 $65 $232
Levothyroxine .088 MG 90 $23 $21 $2
Nitrolingual Pump .4 MG 90 $302 $63 $239
Plavix 75 MG 90 $450 $57 $393
Protonix 40 MG 90 $238 $62 $176
Ranexa 500 MG 360 $1,211 $130 $1081
Levoxyl .075 MG 90 $21 $20 $1
Toprol XL 100 MG 90 $142 $68 $74
Trazodone 100 MG 90 $21 $15 $6
Boniva 150 MG 90 $590 $86 $504
Metroprolol 50 MG 90 $21 $13 $8
3 Month Membership Plan Cost $183 $75 $108
  3 Month Total Savings $3013

My doctor prescribed a medicine for me called Carafate, (1gm/10ml). My insurance company’s non-formulary prescription cost was $173.57. My LibertyRx cost was $59.23! That’s a monthly savings of $114.34 (193%)! For only $29.95 per month to have the LibertyRx card, my wife and I are saving over $250 ($3000 annually) on our 5 monthly prescriptions.

George: Executive in Indiana

As a city employee (I am a firefighter), my family is blessed to have good prescription coverage. But, as insurance costs have sky-rocketed, more and more drugs are excluded from our prescription coverage, and the co-pays have doubled.I was prescribed Nexium (20mg.), and was unhappy to learn it was not covered at all, and would cost me $122.92 for 30 tablets ($363.26 for 90 days). I purchased a LibertyRx family prescription plan for $29.95 per month and was amazed with the Liberty Mail Order Home Delivery price of 100 tablets for $76.47! I thought it was too good to be true, but I received my prescription in less than 10 days and couldn’t believe how easy it was to order. Even with my monthly fee, I saved $196.94 (almost $2400 annually)! I also want to mention Liberty’s friendly customer service; I appreciate being called to remind me to re-order.

Eric & Eileen; Fireman/Teachers assistant in Indiana

I transferred my prescription for skin cream from Kiser to CVS. With the Liberty prescription card I only paid $5.43 for my prescription which previously cost me $22.00. This plan is phenomenal!!

Daniel; Businessman in Ohio

Thanks to your LibertyRx, I saved over 73% on my son’s prescription for Wellbutrin XL, 300 mg. at Walgreens. It would have been $446.49 and with the Home Delivery it only cost me $118, a savings of $328.49! Thank you Liberty!

Rich; Sales Executive in Indiana

“My son’s doctor wrote out a prescription for the brand name drug called Vibramycin for $422.30, 90 days. Using the internet drug search I was able to ask about alternative drugs which ended up only costing us $14.85!!” I saved over $400.

Betty; Retired in Florida

I had to go into Rite Aid to get my prescription. The pharmacist was by herself as it was on a Sunday. I gave her my card and for some reason she couldn’t get into her system. She told me to pay her for the prescription, which was $38.98 and to come back in a couple of days and she would refund me the difference. So a few days later, I went back, gave her my LibertyRx card and the receipt from the purchase. She refunded me back $32.66, So my cost was only $6.34. I am so thrilled to be able to tell my friends and relatives of my experience.

Linda; Receptionist in New York