Protector Plan

Identity Theft Recovery

  • Fraud Resolution Specialists™: Unlimited access to highly trained specialists who conduct 7 emergency response activities within (2) business days. The member receives investigations and fraud advocacy under a Limited Power of Attorney.
  • Credit Report Review: Help member obtain a free copy of their credit report. Review report with member to investigate any suspicious activity and correct errors.
  • Fraud Alert: Assistance in placing “Fraud Alerts” on member’s credit report and with creditors.
  • Restoration & Recovery: Assist members with restoring their identity and good credit reputation.
  • Free ID Theft Emergency Response Kit™ provided if a breach in security or identity occurs.
  • Administration: Administers the costly steps to dispute fraudulent debts as a result of Identity Theft.
  • Case File: Creates a case file to document actions taken during the resolution/recovery process.
  • Document / Letter Preparation: Prepare all necessary documents and letters for a member’s signature.
  • Aggregate Limit of Insurance – $1, 000,000 per policy period
  • Underwritten By AAA+ Insurance Company
  • Lost Wages - $500 per week, for 4 weeks maximum
  • Deductible - $0 per policy period
  • Covered Cost: Reasonable and necessary cost incurred by you in the United States for re-filing application for loans, grants, other credit instruments, notarizing affidavits or other similar documents, long distance telephone calls, credit reports and amend or rectify records as to your true name or identity solely as the result of a members Stolen Identity Event.
  • Legal Defense Fees and Expenses
  • Unauthorized Electronic Fund Transfer Reimbursement

Specifically designed software is used to quickly manage ID theft recovery in United States or any U.S. Territory, as follows:

Security and encryption to meet minimum requirements of United States National Security documents.

Fully automated (from intake) with the full completion of all necessary forms, letters and documents.

  • Forms and documents are specific to the “type” of theft involved, such as credit card, new credit, bankruptcy, Medicaid, driver’s license, passport, scholarship, banking, SS#, Credit Reporting Agency etc.
  • Forms and documents are specific State requirements, including both State and Federal matters; includes constant monitoring of statutory changes to update forms and documents.
  • Automated completion of documents for reporting to necessary regulatory bodies (FTC, Local/State Police etc.) to enhance capture of criminal or establish pattern of criminal activity.
  • Automated completion of documents (“fraud alerts” and “credit freezes”) for Credit Reporting Agencies, such as TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.
  • Fully completed forms and documents are provided to the victim in a kit/packet in a specific order for ease of notarization to be sent as notifications to pertinent agencies.
  • Kit/Packet is sent to victim within 2 business days by next-day delivery, with a return envelop for victim to return signed/notarized documents, thereby reducing average 2-4 week intervention to 3-5 business days depending on speed of return by victim.
  • Upon return of documents from victim, Fraud Resolution Specialist (FRS) breaks packet down to individual components, checks for signatures/notary and mails them to the required agencies, creditors and credit bureaus.
  • Automated software tracks, confirms delivery and maintains a detailed chronological log during the recovery process.
  • With a notarized Limited Power of Attorney, the assigned FRS does all of the legwork/telephonic intervention for the victim, as allowed by law. Victims must file the police reports in person.
  • Above intervention continues until recovery is complete and victim is restored to as near pre-identity theft state as possible.
  • Since ID theft often results in moderate to severe impact on credit scores and credit reputation, the FRS will assign victim to a staff-model Financial Counselor for credit restoration purposes. The Financial Counselor is certified under both the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and under FACTA. Each is also Certified Credit Counselor.