Protector - Testimonials

My wife and I recently had a dispute with a nationally known car rental company in that they attempted to charge us erroneously for an extra week. After several good faith attempts to rectify the situation, we contacted our Liberty attorney. The attorney wrote them a letter and within a week we had our satisfactory settlement.

Jim & Brenda; Business Owners in Indiana

I was about to enter into a written agreement and decided to ask my plan attorney to look it over. He advised me not to sign it and suggested changes to protect my interests. I know this advice saved me a lot of trouble and money.

Paul; Contractor in Maryland

We recently witnessed a family friend burden the heartaches and headaches of settling her parents’ estate. Neither of them had a last will and testament. What a mess! I heard about the Liberty Legal Plan and got it for my parents. One of the best benefits is the ability for each of them to have their will prepared at no cost. What a tremendous benefit. Now my mom has piece of mind. She won’t be leaving such a terrible burden on her children. Thank you Liberty!

Jody; Teacher's Aide in Oklahoma